Respect Gym Shorts (Black)
"For Champions Only"... 14 Oz premium cotton fleece shorts with two color silkscreen print on the front.
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Snoopy Shorts (Navy) 3 reviews
$60 $30
Snoopy Shorts (Navy)
"Swing for the fences!" 100% cotton champion shorts w/side pockets.
$60 $30
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CBR Cargo Shorts (Indigo/Sun)
Hand dyed BDU cargo shorts made of ripstop cotton, with Military style belt straps on the side and belt loops (each short is a 1 of 1, no two are the same)
$80 from $30
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CBR Sports Shorts (Indigo/Sun)
Hand dyed Ripstop cotton with military style belt strap  (each short is a 1 of 1, no two are the same die pattern)
$80 $40
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